Saturday, October 8, 2016

Update from Clan Loner

We have some news about our clan. There are some changes that happen in the clan. some of them are:
  1. Member's changes. New blood joined our clan. Friends of Tomz and Kablay joined our Clash of Clan division.
  2. Departure of our senior member Tizon from our CoC's Division. They seem to move to another area. Tizon now actively play Playstation 4. Last word he said that he actively play in RPG games and BF4. About another retired members I've heard nothing about Reko, Rafli and Rehan though, I hope they keep doing great wherever they are right now.
  3. Redesigned blog. I have decided to use modern look to my blogs, that including the Loner's blog. You all can see now our blog equipped with sliders and responsive stuff for mobile devices. I also retouched our logo's banner to match with the new look.
That's all folks. Keep in touch to get more news about us.

Screenshot of our new redesigned blog


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