Friday, February 20, 2015

Loner Clan in Dormant state

Currently, our clan is not active aka in dormant state because the members are busy with real life event and other reason. Some member like me (Fizer) is not completely offline in gaming world but I choose to active in another way.

If you want to see me in a game, you can still find me.
  • Counter-Strike: I still play this game occasionally, but I choose to get back to the old Counter-Strike 1.6 because I experienced problems with poor connections in Megaxus CSO servers. You can find me in local (Indonesia server) like Viva Gamers or Jogja Gamers. I use my old IGN/nick name not the CSO one.
  • Clash of Clans: I'm still doing login daily with my main account to gather resources / passive farming but not actively play for combat or clanwar. Currently the Loner clan is inactive. In this game I moved my main account into IC3 (Indolicious 3).
  • Steam: I rarely login into it nowadays, but when online I usually play single-player game like Unturned. I used to play Insurgency but the latest update rolled me out by making my game unplayable.
  • Marvel WOH: I actively play this game nowadays but because there is a few player from my country I decided to join an international clan, S.O.S. (Sons of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • Line Get Rich: I play this game because many of my real life friends also play this game but honestly I'm not seriously into it. If you have me in your Line messenger you can find me there.
Some member of Loner also play those game, like Get Rich, even if we rarely play in same moment. That's all folks. Keep enjoy your life. I will post in this blog if there's a new news about us.


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